Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Personalised Peppa pig book review

I first got in contact with pen wizard via twitter when they had advertised as Peppa Pig book that is personalised for your child and their daddy!

The book is called My Dad and its a story about Peppa Pig and Daddy pig going on a day trip with your little one and their Daddy.

You fill in your child's name and a message.  Then you get to create your child for the book.  You can choose skin colour, eye colour, hair colour and style and glasses.

Then you create Daddy!  Again with glasses, skin colour, hair type, beard, moustache etc.  As long as Daddy doesn't have long hair/beard or bright coloured hair (pink/blue etc) and no tattoos, the result is pretty good.

One issue with this book, is you can only have one child featured in the book (the mummy version,you can have two children).

The book did not take long to arrive and my kids love the book.  With Father's day coming up with is a great idea and fantastic keepsake for both your kids and their daddy.

Here is Pen wizards Details

With lots of other characters and books to personalise, there is something for everyone! Have you ordered from Penwizard before? What did you think?


Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Cocoa Brown Lovely Legs Review

No nakedness this time folks!  I was wearing a skirt and I wanted to top up my tan that I did on  Saturday night (see the review here)

Lovely legs is the alternative for Sally Hansen's Airbrush Legs.

Its simple to use.  Spray on, rub in, wash hands, DONE!

Here are the results

As much as l love my tanned legs, I feel that I am not ready for this step of tanning.  I am too pale, and while the results still look good I felt like a brick wall.  LOL!  I know many people that swear by leg makeup, but I think I will stick to my standard tanning. and pass this on to one of my work pals!

I have to say like the Sally Hansen one, its quite messy but I found that it didn't really transfer onto my clothes and stayed on all day/night.

What do you think of my legs?  It def gave me great coverage as I am a bit see through.  I think this would look great on someone a bit more swarthy than myself.

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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Cocoa Brown 1 hour tan Dark review WARNING IM NUDE

I have been a big fan of Cocoa Brown tan for a while.  It is hand, easy to use, doesn't stink like most tans do AND from start to finish it takes just over an hour.

Its a brown mousse so you can see exactly where you are putting it on so every where gets covered.  It dries in almost instantly and doesn't smell like ginger snap biscuits!

Here is my before pic (excuse the crazy hair)

This is my just after I applied the mousse

Next is after the mousse had been on for an hour

Then after i had rinsed it off

And finally the next morning (the tan continues to develop after rinsing)

Because I am very pale I am very pleased that I didn't go too dark or orange! but when you see the before and after pic beside each other the results speak for themselves.

What do you think of the results?  Have you tried cocoa brown tan yet?

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Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Zip line for Children's arthritis

I fund raised last year to raise awareness for Jointz, a subdivision of Arthritis Care.  Every year I choose to do something to raise funds and awareness for this charity.   Two years ago I did an abseil, last year I did a sky dive and this year I am going on a zip line across the Lagan.

Arthritis is not an "old" persons illness like most people think.   I for one never thought my first born would ever have such an awful illness.

When Eva was about 6 months old, I noticed that her feet look "funny".  She was flat footed and I found it difficult to put on her shoes.

When she was a year she was still not walking but I just thought she wasn't ready as all children develop at their own pace.

At a year and a half she was walking but would fall continuously.  Any small stumble would result in a lot of tears.  She could not walk an distance and could not go on her tip toes.  I started to get concerned at this stage as all her friends were very steady on their feet and could run etc.  Eva would be knocked over by a gust of wind.  I didnt want to be an over worried parent but I thought I would seek advise from out health visitor.

When I went she said it was not normal and that she would be referred for physiotherapy.

After a few months waiting we got to see the physio and podiatrist.  After a few sessions we were referred to Musgrave hospital and advised our daughter possibly had Arthritis in her ankles, wrist and knees.

It was an awful.  I felt helpless for my little girl.  How could this happen?  What could I do.  NHS referrals seem to take for ages.  I became a pushy (and pregnant) mother.  After numerous phone calls we eventually got an appointment.  By this stage Eva was two and I was 7 months pregnant.

We were seen by Dr Rooney, head of Rheumatology, were she preformed an ultrasound (just like you would get when you are pregnant) on Eva's Joints and she was able to confirm that she had Juvenile Arthritis.  I was gutted yet relieved as now we could do something to help our little girl.

We were given anti inflamatories for Eva to start taking and then given advise on what Happens next.  Eva would need to be anithatised and given steriod injection into her joints and also have fluid removed from her joints.

We then spoke with a podiatrist, physio nonoccupational therapist.  We also met Catherine McCallister, Dr Rooney's Nurse, and to me a guardian Angel.  Catherine gave us information leaflets and all the numbers of all the departments we would be needing.  Everyone was so lovely and supportive.

Eva's appointment was made that day and she was to come back in a week and a half for her procedure!

After 3 days on her medication Eva was a different child.  Much more happy and less weepy when she fell.  Catherine phoned us to see how Eva was getting on.  Its these touches that made the experience a lot more bearable for me.

After a week on the medication Eva's joints were noticeably less swollen and falling over a lot less.

Surgery day was tough but she was so brave and come through leaps and bounds.  After a few months of physio she was discharged.

Eva has been very lucky.  She is now off her medication completely.  She gets regular check ups on her joints and her eyes to make sure her joints are not swelling again.

Some children are not as lucky and need to be on strong painkillers and antiinflamitories for the rest of their lives.  Some children will need injections every 6-12 months, some need methatrexiate, some need hip replacements.

I do not know what the furure holds for Eva but at the moment she acts like any other 4 year old.  She loves life and has no pains to hold her back.

I am so thankful to Dr Rooney and all at Musgrave Park hospital and for them getting me in touch with Jointz.  I would like to thank Catheryn Wright for organising all the outings for Jointz and to Ailish Curran for helping get me involved with fundraising.

I am putting a link at the bottom and if you would like to donate I would be truly grateful, but even if you have no spare cash, if you could pass on this post to your friends and family to build awareness.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact me

Sunday, 16 March 2014

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